hurtigruten expeditions

With expeditions to the world’s most spectacular destinations since 1893, hurtigruten takes guests on unforgettable journeys that inspire and challenge. With sustainability and exploration at their core, Hurtigruten voyages are the ultimate in authentic adventure travel.

The cruise line is committed to leaving the smallest footprint possible in fragile, unfortified landscapes such as Antarctica and polar regions. It also aims to reduce pollution and support local communities on its itineraries.


With their fresh Nordic style, comfortable cabins and a commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, hurtigruten expedition ships offer a safe way to explore exciting destinations. They sail to Antarctica, Greenland, Svalbard, Alaska, the British Isles and more.

Onboard Hurtigruten expeditions you’ll find a team of expert lecturers and naturalist guides to help you make the most of your journey. They’ll also facilitate trips ashore with zodiacs, and enhance your knowledge of destinations with specialist lectures.

Svalbard is home to a number of unique wildlife species, including Arctic foxes, Svalbard reindeer and whales. Your Expedition Team will explain how to observe these animals safely with the least impact on their ecosystem.


Hurtigruten expedition cruises take you to far-flung destinations. They’re ideal for travellers who want to explore new cultures, ecosystems and historic sites.

They offer a wide range of onboard activities, such as lectures and film screenings. There’s also the Science Center, which is a unique place to learn more about the places you visit.

The expedition ships are small and agile, making them easy to navigate through fjords. They’re outfitted with comfortable cabins, fine dining and stylish interiors made from natural materials.

The Expedition Teams onboard are handpicked experts, who are knowledgeable of the destinations they sail to. They lead activities both ashore and on board, speak up about local culture and share their love of the places they travel to.


Hurtigruten expeditions take you to the most extraordinary places on the planet. Whether you want to experience the midnight sun in the Arctic, or explore South America in a submarine, this Norwegian-based cruise line is renowned for offering thrilling and scientific learning experiences that ignite the senses.

Every voyage is led by an Expedition Team who are experts in the regions they visit and share their knowledge with guests. They also organize and lead excursions onboard and ashore, as well as deliver engaging lectures in the Science Centre.

In addition, Zodiacs are used to tender passengers to shore at carefully selected landing zones and remote harbours. They’re able to carry 8-10 people at a time and have cranes that can help wheelchair bound travelers get onto the boats.


In an effort to provide the best possible dining experience for passengers, Hurtigruten recently began a food initiative that aims to integrate local produce into every aspect of their onboard menu. A key part of this initiative is to ensure that the products are sourced from certified suppliers that grow their ingredients sustainably.

As a result, you’ll find that the meals are freshly made with the highest quality of ingredients available. This is especially true on expedition cruises.

In addition to breakfast and lunch buffets, Hurtigruten also serve three-course dinners. These are typically based on the season’s best ingredients, with seafood dominating the selection.


With a small fleet of hybrid electric-powered expedition ships, hurtigruten cruises offer an informal atmosphere, comfortable cabins and stylish interiors made from natural materials. Their ships are also small enough to maneuver through fjords close to the coastline, allowing them to take in spectacular views.

Hurtigruten is an environmentally friendly cruise line, supporting research and educating travellers on the impact of their travels. They have introduced hybrid electric-powered expedition cruise vessels, which reduce fuel consumption and show the world that hybrid propulsion is possible on large ships.

Guests can choose from a range of itineraries to destinations including the polar edges of the world, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, the Northwest Passage and Antarctica. Each journey is accompanied by an expert team of passionate expedition team leaders and guides.