the cruise

There are a few different things to consider when you’re choosing a cruise. It’s a good idea to look into the various aspects of the ship, such as how it operates, the size of the cabins, what amenities are available and what types of food are offered. If you’re looking for a particular kind of experience, such as a honeymoon or family vacation, make sure you look into what’s on offer.

Dining onboard

When you go on a cruise, you can choose from many different dining options. Some are complimentary, and others offer specialty restaurants with an added cost. These eateries provide a gourmet experience with the highest quality cuisine.

Most cruise ships offer 24-hour dining. The dining options can be buffets, self-serve, and sit down. If you prefer a casual environment, there are also grills and cafes.

Alcohol onboard

Alcohol is big business on cruise ships. There are many well-known brands to choose from. Cruisers can purchase alcohol at lunch, dinner, and during happy hours. However, there are some restrictions on what is allowed.

You can bring one bottle of wine and one bottle of champagne on your voyage. These items are stored by the cruise line until the end of the cruise. On the last night of the cruise, the bottles are returned to you.

Spa cabins

Spa cabins are ideal for travelers looking to treat themselves during their cruise. They offer a wide range of perks, including discounted spa treatments, concierge services, and access to the ship’s spa facilities. The amenities will vary by ship, but all are designed to help passengers relax.

There are two main types of spa staterooms: balcony cabins and inside cabins. Those with balconies typically boast a tranquil view. Inside cabins offer the same amenities as those with balconies, but are smaller in size.

Specialty restaurants

Among the many perks of cruising is the opportunity to try out exotic dishes in an uncrowded setting. Luckily, cruise ships are expanding their culinary offerings. This means you can splurge on a few specialty restaurants on your cruise. However, these restaurants can be expensive, so make sure to budget for them.

The best part of going to one of the cruise line’s speciality restaurants is that you will get a taste of the best that the chef has to offer. A good example of this is the Silk Harvest Restaurant, a fine dining establishment that specializes in Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines.

Adults-only cruises

Adults-only cruises offer a fun and relaxing way to experience the world. Whether you’re looking to go on an African safari, see the northern lights, or relax on a Caribbean cruise, adults-only ships have something for you.

Adults-only cruises are growing in popularity. Several cruise lines are offering overnight stays in ports, so you can explore even more during the day. They also include meals and drinks.

Repositioning cruises

Repositioning cruises are a unique form of cruising. These voyages are offered by a number of luxury cruise lines, such as MSC, Holland America Line, Crystal, Carnival, Azamara, and Seabourn. They are perfect for those who prefer a longer, more leisurely journey, as well as those who want to see a variety of destinations and experience new cruise lines.

Unlike traditional cruises, which visit ports on both sides of the ocean, repositioning cruises depart from one port and return to it. This means that travelers must arrange for one-way air travel. However, the cost is generally less than that of a round-trip sailing.


It’s no secret that cruise lines are going all in on smart cruising. They’ve figured out how to integrate technology into their vessels, as well as their onboard crew members. In fact, some have even incorporated robot bartenders and other automated gadgets. While it’s no secret that the big boys have been catching on, the smaller ship operators are doing something similar.


A stabiliser is a device that helps a ship stay stable at sea. These devices are used on cruise ships to reduce the rolling motion caused by waves. They also provide a smoother ride for passengers.

Stabilizers can be fixed or active. The active version works at a faster speed. Active stabilizers are generally hydraulically tilted. When the ship stops, the fins are retracted.

Courtesy hold

If you’re planning a cruise, consider locking in a stateroom with a courtesy hold. Often referred to as a “hold”, a courtesy hold is a no-obligation way to keep your cabin reservation on file until you are ready to make the deposit. It’s an effective way to keep you out of a jam.

Whether you’re in the market for your first ever cruise or you’re an old hand, courtesy holds are a great way to ensure that your reservations are on track. The best part is, you won’t have to shell out a fortune to do it.

Luggage services

Luggage services on a cruise ship can make traveling easier. These services skip the hassles of checking your bags at the airport and allow you to travel hand-free.

Luggage shipping services can be booked through your cruise line or independently. Shipping your luggage is a reliable and cost-effective option.

Luggage delivery services typically include insurance and are competitively priced. Prices vary according to the destination and the speed of delivery. For domestic shipments, prices range from $5 to $8 per pound.