A world cruise is a great way to travel the globe while experiencing luxury accommodations, fine cuisine and exciting activities. It’s a popular vacation choice for families and groups of friends.

A growing number of people are taking a sabbatical from work or traveling on a world cruise as a means to pursue new business endeavors or just have fun! These travelers are also becoming more diverse in age.


A world cruise is an epic journey around the globe that takes travelers to different destinations and areas on a single ship. Unlike other forms of travel, world cruises are convenient, affordable and allow passengers to spend their entire trip on the ship without having to use other transportation.

The itinerary of a world cruise is chosen by the ship’s residents and based on their interests. The ship sails to destinations in every continent and region on earth.

You will find that these itineraries often include a stop in each country, so that passengers can experience different things. The itinerary is usually determined two years in advance.

A world cruise is an unforgettable voyage that is sure to impress. It is a wonderful way to explore different countries and cities across the world. It can also be an excellent choice for families because of the convenience it offers.


World cruises are a dream of many ocean-going devotees. Not only do they take passengers from one bucket list destination to another without packing and unpacking, but they also often include perks like pre-cruise hotel stays, alcohol, shipboard credit and exclusive-access shore excursions.

Most ships offer a wide range of accommodations, from standard cabins to luxury suites and penthouses. These all-suite accommodations are often luxuriously appointed with a private balcony and an en suite bathroom.

Some deluxe cabins also include access to exclusive facilities such as spa and lounges. These are usually only available to guests in higher categories of staterooms.

Some of the newer ships are introducing special suites that combine the best of what has always been available on their ships with fresh designs and styles. These include Owner’s Suites, Spa Suites and Loft Suites. They are also sometimes designed to accommodate families with children.


Cruise lines today are making waves in the entertainment world by offering a wide variety of activities and programs for guests of all ages and interests. From cooking classes to top-tier Broadway shows, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on board.

In fact, it’s difficult to find a dull moment on a world cruise. Some ships offer cinemas, comedy clubs, live music on deck and even an indoor rock climbing wall.

The world cruise ship also boasts a state-of-the-art medical center, unique art gallery, theatre, nightclub, video-on-demand and many other amenities. For those looking to improve their fitness, there are also a range of aerobics and Pilates classes available.

The most dazzling of all is the multi-media production show entitled Fantastic Journey, which blends rock-concert energy with spectacular aerial performers in one of the most innovative stage productions at sea. It’s also the largest and most technologically advanced show Princess Cruises has ever offered. It also features 270-degree 3D-mapped imagery and 14 amazing, choreographed drones.


If you’re not afraid of the sea, a world cruise ship offers an exciting playground of fun. From a thrilling race track to a ropes course, there’s plenty to keep the kids busy.

There’s also a world-class spa, an amazing movie theater, and a unique planetarium where you can see stars from the comfort of your cabin. These activities can be enjoyed with children or adults.

Royal Caribbean puts on daily games for everyone, including trivia on topics like famous logos, flags of the world and even sports contests. This is a great way to socialize while on the cruise and have a little bit of fun without getting into trouble.

If you want to get a bit more active, many cruise ships have an awesome fitness center. They also offer fun group classes.