Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. It is a very large metropolis with a vast amount of attractions and places to see. From high tech subways to pop culture, there are plenty of things to do in the city.

Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower, also known as N Seoul Tower, is a major tourist attraction in Seoul, Korea. It is located on the peak of Namsan Mountain and boasts panoramic views of the city. Atop the tower is an observatory.

The most popular feature of the tower is the observation deck. It offers 360 degree panoramic views of the city.

Another popular site is the digital observation deck, which displays multi-colored digital art atop the tower. There is also a virtual reality headset to try out.

Namsan Tower, which was originally built as a telecommunications tower in the early 1970s, became a tourist attraction in the 1980s. It was later taken over by YTN in 2000.

There is a cable car that takes visitors to the summit. Tickets for this service cost about KRW 900. You can purchase the tickets in advance. Alternatively, you can use a shuttle bus.

Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park in Seoul is a great place to visit if you love nature. This park has a number of hiking trails, temples, and other cultural attractions.

Bukhansan is known for its mountain scenery. Its three peaks are Baegundae, Mangnyeongdae, and Insubong. They provide incredible views of the city.

Bukhansan National Park has several entrances and is accessible by public transportation. The park offers many facilities, including a 5-mile mountain wall, trickling streams, and granite peaks.

During spring and summer, the park is filled with vibrant flowers. However, in winter, the weather can be a bit cold. When it’s cold, the park’s snow-covered mountains offer a magnificent view.

The park also has an abundance of historical sites. For example, the Bukhansanseong Fortress was built in 132 AD as a defensive wall. Although the fortress was damaged during the Korean War, it was reconstructed.

Namsan Subway

Namsan Subway in Seoul is a well-established transportation system. It provides convenient transport throughout the city. The subway system is color-coded and the stations are clearly marked. There are many apps available for smartphone users to download and use to navigate the subway.

Aside from the subway, the public bus system in Seoul is also very convenient. It connects the city center with various districts. However, the bus system in Seoul lacks English signage.

You can get a single journey pass for the subway or the bus from any ticket vending machines in the station. Single journey passes are priced slightly less than regular fare. To purchase a ticket, simply enter the exact fare to your destination. In addition, Tmoney card holders can use the subway or bus lines without a deposit.

K-Star Road

The Gangnam area is a vibrant part of the city with many trendy and interesting spots for Hallyu fans. K-Pop is a cultural phenomenon that has captured the attention of tourists throughout the world. If you’re a fan, you can meet your favorite idols at one of these famous landmarks.

You’ll find a variety of shops and restaurants along K-Star Road. SM Entertainment, the music label behind popular groups such as Girls’ Generation, is located here. There are also several stores that celebrity stars frequent.

The K-Star “Beauty Zone” offers visitors the chance to learn tips from the stars. Also, there is a K-pop “touch star” zone that allows visitors to play with their favorite pop stars.

Aside from K-Pop, the area is also known for its street art. Throughout the neighborhood, there are cute statues of famous celebrities.


Seoul is a fun city to explore at night. It has a huge number of bars and clubs that offer a variety of music and activities. There is something for everyone.

The best places to go are Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon. Each district has its own unique feel. Some are known for having good music and nightclubs while others are more affordable.

Located on the western side of Seoul, Gangnam is a popular nightlife area. This area has a lot of nightclubs, high-end shopping, and a young crowd.

Gangnam is known for its underground clubs and world-class DJs. This district also features indie bands and K-pop dancers. A lot of these venues require reservations, but most are open on weekends.

If you are looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, try Haebangchon. The neighborhood has an Irish pub, a few good bars, and a trendy restaurant.