Osaka, a large city on the Japanese island of Honshu, is known for its nightlife, hearty street food, modern architecture, and its historic landmarks. Whether you are visiting Japan for the first time or you are an old-timer, you will find plenty of things to do in Osaka.


Osaka, often called the ‘Chicago of the Orient’, is a city with a long history. Its development as a cosmopolitan cultural and industrial hub was fueled by a rapid urbanization in the 19th and 20th centuries. As the country’s third largest city, Osaka is one of the most important centers of trade, industry, and culture in Japan.

Osaka is considered to be one of the world’s oldest cities and is home to more than 2.1 million people. The city is known for its gourmet foods and is also the home of the Kansai Airport. In addition, the city is the birthplace of traditional Japanese theatricals.

Bunraku theater

Bunraku is a type of Japanese puppet theater. It is a performance art that has been popular in Japan for centuries. The puppets are made of wood and have separate heads and arms. They have a variety of movements that are lifelike.

A bunraku theater in Osaka has been open since 1984. Bunraku was once a popular form of performance art in Japan, but it faced a lot of uncertainty during the twentieth century. However, it has now been recognized as a cultural heritage by the State.

Bunraku is a unique form of performance art in that it combines music and visuals. For example, a shamisen, an ancient Japanese guitar-like instrument, plays a key role.


Osaka is a city that offers plenty of shopping options, especially within the downtown area. It is home to a number of high-end and budget-friendly shopping malls. Whether you are looking for a unique souvenir, clothing, or gourmet foods, there is a store in Osaka for you.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly store, you can check out Lumine department stores. These stores typically have four or five floors and offer high-quality goods. There are many items sold here, including trendy clothes, jewelry, and electronics. Some of these department stores offer free strollers for children.

Another budget-friendly store is Daiso. This store has a lot of products, including clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, and books. You can also get some great deals on food at the many restaurants.

Observation platforms

Observation platforms in Osaka offer visitors a unique opportunity to get a 360 degree view of the city. Located at various heights, these structures are open to the public and offer visitors a chance to see the skyline without the hassle of crowds.

The Umeda Sky Building is one of the most popular observation platforms in Osaka. The building is made up of two separate towers connected by an open deck. There are restaurants and shops on the lower floors and offices on the upper levels.

Tsutenkaku Tower is the oldest observation platform in Osaka. It was built in 1912 and was the tallest structure in the Orient at the time. After being damaged by fire in 1956, it was rebuilt at the request of local citizens.

Shinto shrines

There are many Shinto shrines in Osaka. These are places where people go to pray for protection. They also use these shrines to make offerings. Many couples visit these shrines for their weddings.

Shitennoji is one of the oldest temples in Osaka. It was built over 1,400 years ago by Prince Shotoku. The temple features a five-story pagoda. This temple was constructed in a style that reflects ancient architectural styles of the 6th and 7th century.

Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine is a beautiful Shinto shrine. It is one of the largest in Osaka. You will find three sea gods enshrined here. In addition, you will see a glass pond.


If you plan to visit Osaka in the summer, you can look forward to many festivals. These festivals are popular among locals. The three biggest ones include Tenjin Matsuri, Aizen Matsuri, and Sumiyoshi Festival.

Tenjin Matsuri is one of the most famous and oldest festivals in Japan. It is held in Osaka, and celebrates the Shinto god of learning. During this festival, taiko drums and bunraku puppet shows are performed. There are also rituals and mikoshi processions through the city.

The Tenjin Matsuri is a very important festival in Osaka. Tenjin Festival has been celebrated for more than 1000 years. Thousands of people attend this event. Hundreds of floats are pulled through the streets of the city during the festival.