The port city of Antalya is a fantastic destination for history buffs and adventurers. With a wealth of ancient Roman ruins and stunning canyons and caves to explore, the city has plenty to offer visitors.

Away from the city center, visitors can also find a great number of beaches, waterfalls, and picnic spots. For example, the Duden waterfalls and the Manavgat waterfall are great natural places of beauty with their tumbling waters into the sea.

1. Beaches

Antalya is a great place to soak up the sun on beautiful beaches. The city is home to hundreds of km of sandy and pebbled shorelines, many of them Blue Flagged, with crystal clear waters and pine forested mountains at their backdrop.

Fortunately, you can enjoy a day at the beach without breaking the bank. A range of public beaches are within walking distance of central Antalya.

One of the most popular is Konyaalti Beach, which stretches for eight kilometers along the city’s southwest edge. The long pebble beach has a number of little cafes, restaurants, and epic bars to cater to the crowds of tourists flocking there on sunny days.

2. Nightlife

After a long day of sun, sand and culture, Antalya offers an abundance of lively bars and clubs to keep you entertained throughout the evening.

The bars and clubs in Antalya are famous for their live music and DJs. You can find places with local and foreign bands that will be sure to get you in the mood for a night on the town.

Kaleici Harbour is a place that is known for its nightlife among both tourists and locals. Here you can find a variety of pubs, clubs and bars with music that ranges from rock to hip hop.

There are also some clubs that are a bit quieter and offer drinks with a sea view. One such venue is the Castle Cafe in Kaleici. The atmosphere is great and the service is very good.

3. Shopping

Antalya is a paradise for shopping lovers with its vast malls and unique bazaars. Whether you want to get some Turkish delight, spices or lovely crafts, Antalya has something for everyone.

One of the biggest shopping malls in Antalya is MarkAntalya AVM which has a collection of about 155 Turkish and international brands for exceptional shopping experience. It also features a cinema, leafy patio and well-equipped playroom for kids.

Unlike many other malls, it has a Migros supermarket on the bottom floor. The mall is well-lit and has a small food court.

Another major shopping centre in Antalya is TerraCity trading complex which has 180 shops. It sells both European and Turkish clothing and shoes. It also has a large electronics store offering new gadgets at affordable prices.

4. Food

Whether you’re looking for fine dining or fast food, Antalya has plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. You can also enjoy fresh and tasty seafood at restaurants that are famous for their quality and variety.

A great way to start your day in Antalya is with a traditional Turkish breakfast. Nearly every hotel and hostel serves a filling breakfast that’s included in the room rate.

One of the most popular foods to try in Antalya is a pide, a thin flatbread with meat and vegetable toppings. They’re sold everywhere for just 5 lire apiece, and they’re an easy, cheap meal to enjoy on the go.

5. Entertainment

Antalya is one of the best places in Turkey to visit for those who love entertainment. The city is home to amazing water parks and sports complexes, each of which offers a wide range of activities.

If you’re looking for some active entertainment, you can go on a jeep safari or quad bike tour. These are popular among holidaymakers and will allow you to experience the beauty of the Turkish countryside in a completely new way.

Another popular choice is the Water Park in Antalya, which offers dozens of unique slides and attractions. Guests can also relax in cozy pools that mimic rafting and ocean waves.