The booming seaside city of Zhuhai is the epicenter of China’s burgeoning high-tech industry. It’s also a key port, science and education hub, scenic city and regional transportation hub.

A thriving city, Zhuhai has been at the forefront of China’s reform and opening up policy. This enticement has fueled rapid development, especially in the area of industrial production.


Zhuhai is a city on the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province. It faces Hong Kong to the east and joins Macau to the south and Zhongshan to the north.

During the summer, it draws domestic visitors from mainland China. These people buy real estate in the city.

The city has several major development zones, including a free trade zone, high-tech industrial development zone and a cross-border industry zone. These areas are home to many industrial enterprises, including electronic information, home appliances and printing supplies.

In addition, Zhuhai is close to Macau and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. This makes Zhuhai the only mainland city connected to these cities by land. The 55-kilometre (22-mile) bridge cuts the travel time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong from three hours to 45 minutes.


Zhuhai has a warm and temperate climate with heavy rainfall during summers. Its temperatures average around 22.9 degC or 73.2 degF.

Rainfall in Zhuhai is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year with a rainy season from April to September and a dry season from October to March.

During the winter months of January and February, the weather is generally mild and dry. During these times, it’s best to pack light clothing.

The temperature chart shows the monthly maximum and minimum temperatures, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. It’s useful for planning outdoor activities based on weather conditions.


Zhuhai offers a lot of bars and pubs where people can go to have a drink. It is one of the best places for tourists and expats to spend their evenings.

The bar street near the harbor is a great place for young people to gather. They can have drinks, dance or just hang out here.

There are many restaurants, cafes, teahouses and KTVs in the city. Besides, the Cantonese opera and night cruise on the sea can also enrich your nights in Zhuhai.

The main tourist district Gongbei is also famous for its bars and clubs. It is a place where businessmen, yuppies and tourists rub shoulders to enjoy a drink or game dice.


The city of Zhuhai offers a variety of shopping opportunities. You can shop for local specialties, or you can shop in large malls or department stores for international brands.

The Xiangzhou Commercial District is located in Old Xiangzhou and has several large shopping complexes. The main street has a Japanese department store Jusco and a number of other shops.

Another popular shopping spot is Gongbei. It’s the main street that goes straight north from the border and has several large shopping complexes on both sides.

The area is also known for its underground market, which is a labyrinth of corridors. You can find everything from clothes to electronics, and there are a lot of cheap shops. The food is also good. There are lots of restaurants serving Guangdong cuisine.


Zhuhai offers a wide range of culinary choices. Cantonese cuisine is a common feature, but you can also find restaurants offering food from all over China.

Seafood is a specialty in Zhuhai, and fresh oysters, crabs, lobsters, urchins, general’s caps and abalone are all available. It is also possible to try Portuguese dishes made by chefs with a Portuguese heritage.

One of the most famous outdoor street barbeques in Zhuhai is found in Jinding. It is open around 5:30PM each night and features dozens of stalls serving up street specialties, including spicy grilled squid tentacles, to a lively crowd sitting on plastic bag-covered plates and drinking from thin plastic cups.