princess cays

The beach on Princess Cays is a long, wide stretch of pristine white sand. It’s perfect for sun worshippers and those who want to unplug and relax.

You’ll arrive at Princess Cays via your cruise ship’s tender boats, alighting in a small marina before you can find the perfect spot to spend the day.


The long, secluded beach of Princess Cays offers some fantastic snorkeling opportunities. Swim out to the rocky area in front of the island and you can see large corals and colorful fish.

You can also swim out a little further to the right of the tender dock to find a more secluded cove where you can explore more rocky areas and swarms of reef fish. Whether you’re new to snorkeling or a more experienced snorkeler, this area is worth checking out!

The resort also has a watersports hut where you can hire equipment. Your OceanMedallion works here as a method of payment, so you don’t have to worry about getting out your wallet!

Beach Fun

Princess Cays has several beaches where you can relax, sunbathe, snorkel or rent water sports equipment like kayaks, floats, stand-up paddleboards and aqua bikes. There are also Banana Boat rides and excursions like deep-sea fishing, a dune buggy tour and sightseeing tours around the island.

The beach areas at Princess Cays are divided into five sections: North Beach, South Beach, Lagoon Lookout, Offshore Pavilion and Reef. All of these are teeming with fish, and it’s easy to find a spot and snorkel in the clear warm waters.

You can also enjoy a stingray encounter or try your hand at surf fishing. The rocky shoreline offers ample scope for both and you can even hire a local guide to help you reel in a big one.

When you’re ready to shop, head to a craft market where local vendors sell t-shirts, straw artifacts and seashell jewelry. You can pay with your cruise card or Medallion disk, but most of the vendors accept cash only — US dollars.

Dune Buggy Tours

Whether you’re looking for an active beach day, or simply to unwind and soak up the sun, princess cays has something for everyone. The palm tree-lined beaches are connected by a series of paved paths, clamshells and private bungalows can be rented, and a variety of shore excursions include dune buggy adventures, glass bottom boat tours, paddle boarding, windsurfing and kayaking.

Dune buggy tours take you off the beaten path and into the wild of south Eleuthera, where you’ll discover remote beaches, local ruins and unique geological formations. This adventure is a great way to experience the beauty of this untouched island.

Dune buggies are also an ideal way to explore the natural habitat at the 25-acre Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve and Environmental Education Center with its display gardens. You’ll also have the chance to visit a natural saltwater lagoon and bottomless ocean hole at Rock Sound. You can even try your hand at fishing in the secluded waters off the coast.


If you want to pick up a few souvenirs that will remind you of your Bahamas cruise vacation, princess cays is the place to do it. Located on the southern tip of Eleuthera, this private island is home to miles of unspoiled beaches and an exciting collection of local crafts, jewelry and artisan products.

While shopping on the main beach can be a little overwhelming, there are two indoor shops at Princess Cays where you can find a range of traditional and unique souvenirs. The Bahama Treasures Shop and the Tropical Treasures Shop are both centrally located near the First Aid Station.

There is also a small craft market that features a variety of items sold by local vendors. These vendors do not accept your Sail & Sign card, so you’ll need to have US dollars or a credit card. The prices at this market can be pretty high, so make sure you are prepared to haggle.