If you are looking for a cruise that is truly unique, look no further than Scarlet Lady from Virgin Voyages. This new cruise line has taken a completely different approach to cruising and is changing the industry.

Normally, big cruise ships have one main dining room included in the price of your cruise and then smaller “specialty” restaurants that charge an extra fee. That’s no longer the case with Scarlet Lady, which has a variety of eateries without a distinction between big and small.

Innovative amenities

As the first ship from Virgin Voyages and its founder Sir Richard Branson, Scarlet Lady is a true innovation in cruise tourism. Its amenities, cabins, and fun atmosphere are sure to disrupt the industry and make waves.

Onboard the ship, there are numerous bars and lounges. Among them are the Draught House, the Sip champagne lounge, the On the Rocks martini bar, and The Red Bar.

There are also outdoor venues where you can enjoy a drink and chill in the sun. There is even a tattoo parlour called Squid Ink where you can get some ink to remember your trip by.

The Scarlet Lady has a total of 1 pools and 3 hot tubs. These are open year-round.

Many premium cruise lines charge extra for their restaurants, but Virgin Voyages includes all dining in the cost of the fare. This is a big departure from the typical arrangement, where you have main dining rooms that are included in the price and then specialty restaurants with an additional cost.

No kids on board

As more and more cruise lines create sophisticated family options (go-kart tracks, extreme waterslides, kid-focused tours and classes), some newer and existing lines are going in the opposite direction by instituting an adults-only policy on board. One of those newer lines, Virgin Voyages, has a cruise ship called Scarlet Lady that will only be open to adult passengers who are at least 18 years old.

The line is aiming for a younger demographic than most other cruise lines, but its offerings will appeal to older travelers too. The first of three ships, Scarlet Lady is homeported at Port Miami and will offer four-night Caribbean sailings to destinations including Nassau, Puerto Plata and Cozumel.

A key differentiator for the line is that there are no buffets on the Scarlet Lady, and it doesn’t set dining times. Instead, meals are served at a number of restaurants on the ship. Each restaurant is included in the price of the cruise, as are gratuities and Wi-Fi.

Innovative dining options

When it comes to dining on board, the scarlet lady cruise ship doesn’t follow the usual cruising cliches. Instead, the upscale line has ditched buffets and dress codes altogether in favour of a sophisticated experience designed by top Michelin chefs.

The Scarlet Lady is home to more than 20 restaurants, which are all included in the cost of the cruise fare, with the exception of a few specialist add-ons like wine or cocktail packages. Sailors can make one dinner reservation per voyage, at any time of the day or night, which will be at a restaurant of their choosing.

The list includes high-end experiences such as The Wake (steak and seafood), Pink Agave (Mexican dishes), Razzle Dazzle (vegetarian menu), The Test Kitchen, Gunbae (Korean BBQ) and Extra Virgin (Italian cuisine). Other eateries on the list include The Galley, Pizza Place, Quickees and Sun Club Cafe.

Innovative entertainment

Scarlet Lady has deviated from traditional cruise ship tradition when it comes to entertainment. Instead of Broadway classics, the cruise line has six original shows and “micro plays” that are performed throughout the ship.

The ship also features a number of bars and lounges. Guests can enjoy an Impossible burger at Razzle Dazzle or play Korean drinking games at Gunbae.

Unlike other cruise ships, there are no upcharges for your dining choices and tips are included. There are a number of restaurants that are unique to the ship including Pink Agave, Test Kitchen and The Wake.

The ship’s theater, The Red Room, is the first transformational multi-form theatre at sea. The space can be anything a show wants it to be. Seats are deployed on movable risers, the stage retracts, an overhead lighting grid can shine in any corner.