Room2 to launch first fully net zero carbon hotel

Room2 is set to open what it claims to be the world’s first fully net zero carbon hotel in Chiswick, West London, this December. 

The site is expected to be 89% more energy efficient than the typical UK hotel per sqm, and the hometel group said it has been built with “pioneering technologies” to achieve net zero throughout both the design and construction stages and throughout its whole life.

Through the use of on-site renewables, the building will convert 100% of its energy needs for heating, cooling and hot water. Two ‘lab rooms’ will provide data on energy, water use and air quality, along with studying and learning from guest behaviours patterns. 

Other initiatives include:

  • Occupancy enabled lighting, heating and cooling systems
  • A ‘blue’ roof which can store 50,000 litres of rainwater to minimise local flooding
  • A ‘green’ roof to increase local biodiversity
  • A zero waste to landfill policy, including custom made in-room recycling bins for food waste, recycling and general waste
  • Water purification system uses low heat technology that reduces the temperature needed to heat water by 30 degrees
  • Piloting recycled li-ion battery cell M-BRIC technology to incorporate energy demand response and storage
  • All unavoidable emissions are balanced through verified nature-based carbon removal offsets
  • A BREEAM excellent rating

In addition, the building has been opened up to University partnerships to test new technologies and interventions to reduce energy and carbon. The learnings will be used to advance the net zero building framework for future hotels as a “pioneering example for the built environment”.

Room2 added that the guest experience will be “unaffected” by the ultra-low energy standard, while the building’s interior design being inspired by the arts and crafts movement around Chiswick. 

Robert Godwin, managing director at Lamington Group and Room2, said: “Opening the world’s first whole life net zero carbon hotel follows over two years of planning and the meticulous creation of a new room2 whole life net zero building framework to incorporate the very latest thinking in design, construction and operation.

“We have designed and built a hotel which is 89% more energy efficient than the average UK hotel, and set a new standard for true sustainable development in the global hotel industry.”

He added: “To authentically tackle climate change and truly mitigate our impact, we need to include the full footprint or ‘whole life’ of a building. Being operationally net zero alone ignores the majority of emissions that come from embodied carbon during a building’s lifetime. 

“We are excited to be the first hotel company in the world to set a whole life standard as a baseline standard for our all buildings going forward, and hope to work with development and investment partners who share the same vision.”

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