reddit hotel search

If you’re looking for a cheap hotel, you might consider using a travel search aggregator. These sites trawl through OTAs and hotel websites to bring you a compendium of prices, then let you book directly with the hotel.

Reddit users seem to think that Splitty Travel is a legitimate service, but there are some concerns about security.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social media website where users can create communities of interest (known as subreddits) and post comments and links. These posts are then voted up or down by other users, resulting in content that is more popular rising to the top of each community.

The website has a community of millions of people, with 420 million unique visitors every month. They share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences on topics ranging from breaking news to sports fan theories.

Despite its reputation as the front page of the internet, Reddit has strict rules that prohibit harassment and other harmful behavior. To help keep its forums clean, the site has thousands of moderators who enforce subreddit content policies.

A moderator is a user who can impose bans on toxic individuals, delete unrelated or spammy posts, and more. They can also invite users to become moderators in their own communities. This makes it possible for Reddit to be a more democratic and safe place than traditional online forums.

What are the benefits of using Reddit to find a hotel?

Using Reddit to find a hotel can be a great way to save some money and get the most out of your vacation. For instance, many hotels will offer discounts or bonuses to those who ask about a certain perks during their stay, like continental breakfasts or swimming pools. This will help to justify the cost of a room and make it worth it for some travelers. It’s also helpful to check other forums and see what other people have to say about hotel perks, so that you can be more confident in your decision. You can even use this to negotiate your rates with the hotel.