Quantitative easing, or QE, is a form of unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the economy. It is sometimes referred to as “money printing” because money can be created out of thin air by the Fed.

The Fed first began implementing QE in response to the 2008 financial crisis. By the third round in 2013, the Fed shifted away from announcing how much assets to purchase and instead pledged to increase or reduce purchases as the outlook for labor markets or inflation changed.


qe2 was the world’s first super-sized passenger ship. She was a global ambassador for Cunard, travelling 5.8 million miles and carrying 2.5 million passengers over her lifetime.

She also was a requisitioned troop carrier during the Falklands War. She is a testament to the engineering and design skills of John Brown’s Clydebank shipyard.

QE2 is one of the most famous ocean liners ever built. She was launched by Queen Elizabeth II in the early 1970s and became a fixture of British shore excursions.


The power plant of QE2 consists of nine medium speed diesel engines, replacing the aging and fuel thirsty steam plant. Designed with reliability and flexibility in mind, they develop 10.5 MW of electrical power which drives the two main propulsion motors on each propeller shaft.

Each engine weighs around 220 tons and each produces enough electricity to power the ship for 12 days at service speed, or 30 days at a slower speed of 20 knots. This makes each of the engines a vital part of the operation, which helps ensure that the entire vessel operates efficiently and safely for our passengers and crew.

The VQ series of engines was developed by Nissan with displacements varying from 2.0 L to 4.0 L. They are an aluminum block DOHC 4-valve (per cylinder) design with aluminum heads. Later versions feature various implementations of variable valve timing and replace MPFI with direct fuel injection (marketed as NEO-Di).

Propulsion system

The propulsion system consists of thrusters, feed systems, pressurization systems, propellant management and storage, and power processing units. Depending on the spacecraft’s intended platform, the propulsion system may be highly integrated or distributed within the spacecraft.

For in-space maneuvering applications, chemical systems have been a staple of small spacecraft propulsion for decades. They offer higher total impulse capabilities than their electric propulsion counterparts, yet also have a low specific impulse.

While a mix of small spacecraft propulsion devices have established flight heritage, the market continues to prove dynamic and evolving. Many spaceflight-proven technologies are being re-evaluated to meet the requirements of small spacecraft, especially considering volume, mass, power and safety.


The QE2 is undergoing a major overhaul, and a trip aboard one of these ships is an experience unlike any other. Among the amenities available to passengers is a modern spa with state-of-the-art facilities and facilities management. The best part is that the spa is open to guests and visitors alike, which makes it a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work or play. The QE2 is also home to a plethora of bars and pubs, including the most impressively named The Princess Grill. The bar and kitchen are a tad overpriced compared to the average London hotel but the staff can usually be relied upon to recommend the nearest place for a drink.


Throughout her career, the QE2 carried Royalty, Celebrities and Dignitaries to and from destinations around the world. She also served as a troop carrier during the Falklands War.

The crew of qe2 is a colourful and diverse group. They are passionate about their work, and are always willing to lend a helping hand if needed.

They have a very high Team Deathmatch record and are one of the top 5% of all GTA Online crews. They are also known for their aggressive driving style and the way they deal with their rivals.

In The Crew 2, you get to lead the crew as they race across America and challenge their fellow players in an open world racing game that combines exploration, speed, and competitive action. With a huge range of vehicles to choose from, and plenty of activities to indulge your petrol head desires, it’s a fun and exhilarating experience!