As one of India’s oldest cities, Pune has a rich history and culture. It’s also known as the “Oxford of the East” because of its prestigious educational institutions and research centres.

The city possesses the duality of a traditional Indian city and a modern industrial town. It has an impressive mix of old buildings dotted with crumbling white period exteriors and glitzy modern shopping plazas.


The city of Pune has a rich history. It was once a part of the Rashtrakuta dynasty and has several rock temples that date back to the 8th century.

During the rule of Shivaji Maharaj, Pune reached its peak of glory. He was known as ‘People’s King’ for his great administrative abilities. He was a staunch anti-conversionist and fought for the rights of women and poor people.

His reign also saw the construction of a number of palaces and forts. Under his guidance, the city also saw the construction of Parvati Temple complex and Shaniwarwada.

After the death of Shivaji, Pune again gained prominence under the rule of Peshwa. Balaji Baji Rao, popularly known as Nanasaheb, was one of the most efficient Peshwa of the Maratha kingdom. He was responsible for checking the aggressions of the Mughals and maintaining peace in the city. His memorial is a major tourist attraction in Pune today.


Pune is a cosmopolitan city that has a wide variety of food. You can find both North Indian and South Indian dishes in the city.

One of the famous and popular street foods in Pune is vada pav. It is a dish made of deep-fried potato patty stuffed in a bun with green mint chutney and sweet dates chutney.

Another popular dish is bhakarwadi. This savoury snack is made of all-purpose flour that is mixed with spices and rolled into a powder. It is fried deeply to get a golden brown colour and has variants, which are flavored with spice and sweetness, using dry fruits.

Besides this, there are also many different types of dosas available in the city. They are very popular and can be found all across the city.


If you are a night owl and love to party all night, then Pune has plenty of pubs and clubs that you can visit. Many of these bars and pubs have excellent bar menus, cocktails, and budget-friendly dishes for you to enjoy.

Some pubs and clubs also conduct live gigs from artists of different genres, which is a fun way to spend the evening. The best part is that these places remain open late into the night.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, or just want to let your hair down occasionally, there is always a good reason to go to a club or lounge.

If you want to enjoy a Friday night like no other, you can head to Sensation for drinks and great music. With regular DJs and a funky design, this place is one of the best for a night out in Pune.


Pune is a shopper’s paradise with a wide range of shopping options. Whether it’s the latest fashion trends, home decor items or ethnic wear, there is something for everyone in this city.

Moreover, if you’re a bargain hunter, you won’t have to go far to find the best deals in Pune. Street markets have everything from Kolhapuri chappals to Paithani sarees and Maharashtrian naths, all at very reasonable prices.

Juna Bazaar is a street market that is famous among both tourists and locals for its antique-style goods. You’ll find brass buckets, lamps, and decorative tabletop items here.

Laxmi Road is another famous street in Pune that attracts a lot of attention from shopaholics. It’s a great place to buy all the latest footwear, especially trending sneakers at a dirt cheap price.