norwegian airline

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Norwegian Air has furloughed employees and sold some of its planes. It has also trimmed its route network and refocused on short-haul flights.

The airline has a good reputation for low fares and friendly service. It also offers a loyalty program and credit cards with benefits like free meals on long-haul flights.

Low-cost flights

Before the pandemic, it wasn’t hard to find $199 round trip flights from the US to Europe on Norwegian. The airline was shaking things up with crazy low fares that effectively included nothing but a seat and space in an overhead bin, with any additional amenities costing extra.

Today, Norwegian has an international fleet of 64 aircraft. Its planes are recognizable by their unique livery, featuring famous Scandinavian and British icons on the tail fin. Its newest Boeing 787 Dreamliners feature Viking-inspired branding.

The company operates a mix of low-fare tickets and higher-end products. Depending on the fare type, passengers can enjoy perks like free WiFi, onboard meals and snacks, or travel blankets and headsets for in-flight entertainment. Checked baggage prices vary based on the route and time of year. Norwegian also offers a high-frequency domestic flight schedule in Norway and Finland.

Loyalty programs

Norwegian is relaunching its loyalty programme this spring with a range of new benefits for the most frequent flyers. Earning CashPoints remains at the core of the programme, but members will also be able to choose from a suite of new benefits after every eight flights. These include free seat reservations and priority boarding, as well as security fast track and extra earning of CashPoints.

This is not a typical airline loyalty program, but it is a good example of how airlines are attempting to offer rewards that go beyond just flying. For instance, SAS EuroBonus offers points that can be redeemed for hotel stays, car rentals, tours, and other services. These rewards can be a lot more valuable than the usual frequent flyer points.

Norwegian is a relatively small airline, but it has become a major European low-cost carrier. It has also expanded into long-haul routes. Its fleet is younger than the average airline, and it has a very high profit margin.

Cheap flights in August

Norwegian is known for its innovative pricing strategy, offering stripped down, no-frills tickets alongside more comprehensive fare classes. On short-haul flights, you can fly for as little as $89 one-way. However, long-haul flights to Europe like Edinburgh (EDI) and Paris (CDG/ORY) will cost you a bit more.

If you want to save money on your flight tickets to Norway, consider booking a flight in off-peak season. From November to March, prices for Oslo flights are cheaper than during peak travel seasons.

The airlines that operate cheap flights to Norway include SAS and Finnair. The most popular routes depart from Newark International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Flights to Norway from these airports take about 7h and 25min, respectively. You can also book a nonstop flight to Norway from Los Angeles International Airport. In this case, the journey will last about 12h and 40min.

Travel insurance

Traveling to Norway is a great way to escape from the cold winter weather and enjoy its beautiful landscapes. However, travelers should make sure they have good international travel insurance to protect themselves from the unforeseen events that can happen on holiday. Travel insurance can cover a range of expenses, including trip cancellations, lost luggage and medical emergencies.

Norwegian has some of Europe’s newest and greenest aircraft, which help to reduce its fuel costs and emissions. Its low operating costs are good news for passengers, too, as it translates to lower ticket prices.

Travelers may want to consider buying a policy that includes Cancel for Any Reason coverage. This is a feature that is offered by many comprehensive travel insurance policies. In addition to canceling a trip, the policy will also refund any money that has been paid for the trip. In this case, the credit can be used for a future trip or towards a new cruise with Norwegian.