my envoy air

My envoy air is an official web portal used by Envoy Air employees to access different employee benefits. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take much time to get used to.

Before you can login, you must first register with a valid user ID. This is an 8-digit number you were given during the joining process.

Employee portal

My envoy air is an online portal that offers employees a central location for storing corporate documents, accessing HR information and exploring medical benefits. The portal also provides information about training programs and job opportunities at Envoy Air Inc.

The employee portal is compatible with web browsers and can be accessed from any device that has access to the Internet. It is easy to use and does not require a great deal of time to learn how to navigate.

To log into the portal, start by entering your AA ID into the User Login field. You can either enter six digits or eight digits, depending on your AA ID.

If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link below the login button. Upon clicking it, you will be taken to a page where you can reset your password.

Envoy Air employees can enjoy a number of employee benefits, including health insurance and retirement savings plans. In addition, the company offers performance incentives and paid leave. It also offers group legal insurance.


The payroll service offered through my envoy air is a user-friendly portal that provides employees with access to a wealth of information about their jobs, paychecks, training course details, employee benefits and more. It also allows them to track their W2s and payroll processing progress.

The company offers industry-leading pilot pay, with a starting rate of more than $90 per hour for First Officers who have completed flight training and meet certain qualifications. Among the benefits is a direct path to a mainline flying career through an industry-leading flow-through agreement with American Airlines, the world’s largest airline.

Envoy has also expanded its existing First Officer Retention Bonus program to include all new hires – as well as any currently flying on the airline who did not already qualify for the offer. This $20,000 reward is payable quarterly, following completion of one year of service. It’s a win-win for both the company and its pilots, who have been losing flight crew to rivals at a rapid pace.

Employee benefits

Envoy Air employees have access to a variety of benefits, including health insurance, 401k retirement savings plans, and travel discounts. The company also offers an employee assistance program that offers guidance and counseling for a wide range of issues.

Flight attendants can save money on flights by enrolling in the AAdvantage loyalty program. The program awards one mile for every eligible dollar spent on a ticket.

Pilots who join Envoy Air can use their industry experience credit toward pay rates, vacation days and retirement benefits. They can also receive Captain pay at 750 hours if they have previous Part-121 experience.

The employee portal makes it easy for employees to access their payroll and other HR information. It also allows employees to digitize corporate documents and explore their medical benefits.


Envoy Air offers a variety of training opportunities for pilots and flight attendants. They partner with dozens of universities and flight schools, and offer a Cadet Program to help aspiring pilots transition from the classroom to the flight deck.

The company also has a flow-throw agreement with American Airlines, which allows ATP graduates to begin flying for AA in just two years. During this time, they receive financial assistance, health and travel benefits, as well as a pilot bonus.

In addition to this, ATP pilots are eligible for captain pay at 750 hours of flying as a First Officer. They also have the option of earning Industry Experience Credit and Long Call Reserve.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently cited multiple incidents of pilot errors that raised concerns over the safety of regional airlines. While these findings do not necessarily mean that other regional carriers are operating at the same level as mainline airlines, they do show that the FAA is still working on establishing and holding them to high safety standards.