Munich is a great place to spend a holiday and is one of the best German cities to explore. It has a lot to offer and is also a very friendly city.

Whether you want to experience the beautiful Baroque architecture, eat some of the most delicious Bavarian food or drink a lot of beer, there is plenty to do in Munich. We have put together a list of the top things to do in Munich that you should definitely not miss out on!

Bavarian cuisine

Bavarian cuisine focuses on meats and root vegetables. As a result, meals are often hearty and filled with flavorful dishes.

While some of the recipes are more traditional than others, many have been updated to suit modern tastes. The restaurant Wirthaus in der Au, for example, serves up traditional favorites like dumplings in an innovative way.

During the summer, visitors can enjoy fish specialties like trout with parsley potatoes and lemon butter. A fillet of beef with mash and market vegetables is also popular.

In the winter, duck and goose are a staple of the menu. Other main dishes include grilled sausages and stews with roots vegetables.

In addition to a large selection of German beers, Bavarian restaurants serve a variety of local wines. Moreover, many have beer gardens where tourists can relax under the shade of chestnut trees.


Beer is an essential part of Munich culture, and it’s been a part of the city since the Middle Ages. In 1487, Duke Albrecht IV issued the Munich Purity Law which specified that only hops, water and malt could be used to brew Bavarian beer.

Although the beer industry suffered during the Second World War, it has recovered and continues to be a huge part of the economy in Bavaria. Oktoberfest alone generates over 1.2 billion euros in two weeks, and its tents are home to thousands of people at a time.

If you’re traveling to Germany and want to experience the beer culture, you should look into a trip to Munich. The city has a long tradition of brewing, and its famous beer festivals are well-known worldwide. The city has a handful of beer gardens where you can relax and enjoy a cold one with a group of friends. The city also has a large selection of breweries and restaurants.


Munich is one of the most culturally sophisticated cities in Germany. Its many world-class museums and art galleries are a testament to its rich heritage as a cultural centre.

The city’s earliest history was largely one of trade, but it soon developed into a centre for learning. The Wittelsbach family, which was a key political force in the region, devoted significant resources to building universities, libraries and museums.

Today, Munich is known for its famous beer halls and Oktoberfest celebrations, but the city also offers a sophisticated side to its culture, with a variety of world class museums and an abundance of modern art. The Museum Brandhorst is a modern art gallery with a collection of work by artists such as Andy Warhol and Cy Twombly.

Another interesting place to visit is the Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism (NS-Dokumentationszentrum Munchen). This is a great way to learn about the rise of National Socialism, and its connection to Munich.


Munich is a beautiful city with an impressive architectural history. The city has an incredible mix of both traditional and contemporary architecture that you can see throughout the entire city.

Munich was a royal seat, business centre and cultural metropolis for much of its history. This meant that Munich built impressive buildings and monuments that rivaled those in Dresden, Berlin, Paris and Rome.

The Neoclassical style was a popular choice in this period and many of the landmarks of Munich were constructed in this style. One example is the New Town Hall on Marienplatz, which is an iconic building that can be seen throughout Munich.

In addition to this, there are also some amazing examples of Jugendstil buildings that were created during this era. Some of these are very eye-catching and include ancient Egyptian and Greek design elements as well as highly stylized windows.