The aainflight app is a way for American Airlines travelers to access in-flight entertainment. It allows passengers to access movies and TV shows on their personal devices. It also has other services like HOMER, Rosetta Stone, and Skillshare.

In addition to the entertainment options, AAinflight provides an internet connection for all flights. The site is easy to use and features a helpful customer service team.


Whether you’re on a long haul flight or just want to relax for an hour, movies can make the world go round. And if you’re flying with American Airlines, there are plenty of them available through aainflight. The library of entertainment combines Netflix originals like Set it Up and Tau with movies that were once seen in a theater. You can only access aainflight while on an AA-operated flight, however. The service isn’t available to anyone outside of that ecosystem.


Music accomplishes a lot of things. It communicates information, emotions, it plays a substantial role in culture and provides entertainment and it has its own beauty that stands on its own. This blog takes a departure from the more practical musical issues and applications to focus on a philosophical question: What is the purpose of music?

The new boarding music for American Airlines has been getting some positive reaction. In the fall they changed their boarding music to new tunes and it appears that passengers enjoy the new sounds.

The library of entertainment on AaInflight is extensive, but it is only available to people who are flying with American Airlines and who are connected to their Wi-Fi on a flight. Streaming entertainment outside of that ecosystem will not work, so you should be prepared for the trip ahead of time. You can check out the AaInflight app or website to learn more.