Marriott has added a new feature that lets you search for hotel rooms and residences using the Marriott Bonvoy app. It’s a great tool for flexible travelers because it lets you easily compare paid and award rates across multiple properties and dates.

In addition, you can now use the new calendar search feature to quickly find out the lowest rate available on a particular date. And, best of all, the results will include taxes and fees!

Search by Location

The marriott property search is more than just a hotel room booking tool. It also features a new dynamic map and functionality that allows you to make a booking from home, work remotely and even order a meal from the hotel menu. Among the coolest features is the new Lowest Rates Calendar which makes it easy to compare paid and award rates for any given hotel.

To get to the Lowest Rates Calendar, simply open the marriott property search app and click on the hotel you’re interested in. Then, tap the arrow on the left side of the screen to view your results. You can also select different dates by clicking the right arrow to the bottom of the screen.

Search by Price

Marriott recently rolled out a new price search feature that makes it easier to see actual room rates during the hotel search process. This is great news for travelers who are tired of being surprised with higher than expected prices during the booking process. While most hotels still have resort fees and other fees, you can now get a full picture of what your total bill will be without having to check out each hotel on your list at the end of the booking process.

Interestingly, the new feature works for both paid and award pricing, meaning you can easily compare multiple properties and dates. This is a welcome addition to the property search tool, especially considering that Marriott will be dropping its award charts sometime next month. Until then, we recommend checking out the Lowest Rates Calendar for each property and date to ensure you are getting the best value possible. For more TPG news delivered directly to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Search by Property Type

The best way to start your search is by examining the properties that matter most to you. This might sound like an annoying chore, but it will save you the time and money of trying to guess which hotel is right for you. You can filter by location or type to find just the right property for your budget and travel style. You can also search for hotels that have been rated by a panel of expert travel writers. The site does a good job of ranking and sorting your results by price and amenities, making the process a breeze. Lastly, you can get a free hotel booking quote at the click of a button. The hotel booking process is simple, but be aware of the small print before making your reservation.

Search by Room Type

There are many room types in hotels, and each is different from the next. Some may be smaller with fewer amenities, others bigger and more luxurious. Understanding the differences can help you to offer guests the best option that matches their needs and budget.

Hotel rooms are often classified by how many beds they can accommodate. These categories can include Queen, King, Twin, Hollywood twin, and Triple rooms.

Some of these room types also have a specific number of adults and children allowed per bed. This can be useful when guests are booking for their whole family or group of friends, as it can prevent them from being booked into a room that only has one bed.

Room types are a way of putting rentable units in a group for easy pricing management and availability reports. Create as many room types as you need, but be careful not to create too many, as this can make your availability reports more complicated and can lead to over-assignment of rooms.