marriott property search

Marriott has added a nice little feature to their hotel search that allows you to see all-in prices for rooms. While this does not apply to award bookings (which still have resort fees), it will make comparing paid rates much easier!

This new tool is a welcome addition and will likely become more important once Marriott removes their award charts. Learn more about this exciting program in this TPG Daily article.

Getting started

Marriott recently added a new feature that makes it easier to compare paid and award pricing on the same search results page. Previously, you would have to go back and forth between the different pages. This time-saving functionality is a welcome addition and will become even more useful once Marriott drops its award chart next month.

You can access this new tool by clicking the “Lowest Rates Calendar” drop-down option for each hotel result on the results page. This will give you a comprehensive list of all-in prices, including taxes and resort fees, right on the search results page! This will also make it much easier to determine the maximum redemption value of your stay. It is an excellent example of a small feature that can make a big difference in the overall experience and value of Marriott properties.

Booking a stay

As pointed out by God Save The Points, Marriott has recently added a great new feature that brings more transparency to the booking process. When you run a search and get the results page, you now have the option to check a box to see rates including taxes and fees. This is a big help when considering hotel redemptions, where resort fees and other charges can add up quickly. Here’s to hoping they add this feature for paid bookings as well!