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Motel 6 is a budget motel chain that operates in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1962, the company was created by two local building contractors. They wanted to offer an alternative to other major hotel chains, such as Holiday Inn, that were becoming upscale during the 1960s.

The first Motel 6 opened in Santa Barbara, California and took its name from the room rate it charged at that time – $6 per night.

Founded in 1962

A half century ago, the world was experiencing a major societal shift. The space race was heating up, Soviet missile bases were discovered in Cuba, and civil rights activists won hard-earned victories against segregationists in the American South.

During this time, look up motel 6 was founded by Becker and Greene. They had a strong belief in the importance of low-cost housing, and they wanted to create a budget-friendly lodging option for their customers.

They spent two years formulating their business model, and searching for ways to cut costs as much as possible. They started out by focusing on a “no-frills” concept, emphasizing budget rooms with black-and-white televisions instead of cable TV. As their popularity grew, they eventually began offering higher-end rooms with better furnishings and amenities. They also emphasized convenience, including free parking and breakfast. The company soon expanded to more than 1,000 locations nationwide, and became one of the leading hotel chains in America.

Located in a variety of locations

Motel 6 is a well-known budget-friendly hotel chain that offers rooms at great value. The company has been around for more than 50 years and is the largest owner/operator of economy lodging in the United States, with over 1,400 locations across 49 states and Canada.

The first Motel 6 opened in Santa Barbara, California, in 1962. The hotel was founded by two contractors who saw a need for a low-cost, no-frills lodging. Their original room rate was $6 per night.

This reflects the current cost of a room at a traditional hotel, but it’s also a reflection of how Motel 6 has maintained their reputation as a budget-friendly choice for travelers throughout their history.

In addition to its chain of budget hotels, Motel 6 operates Studio 6, a brand of extended-stay hotels that offer weekly and monthly rates. Studio 6 hotels provide more amenities than a standard Motel 6 location, such as kitchenettes, and allow pets with certain restrictions.

No on-site restaurant

Unlike many other hotels, the first Motel 6 locations did not have on-site restaurants. This was a unique feature from the beginning, and it’s still a part of the company’s DNA.

Founded by two building contractors, Paul Greene and William Becker, the chain was originally conceived as a low-cost lodging option. They wanted to take the price-dropping skills they had learned while working on low-cost housing projects and apply it to hotels.

Today, the company has more than 1,300 locations in North America. As a result, it is the largest owner-operator of economy lodging locations in the United States.

The hotel’s core business model remains intact, with a focus on clean, comfortable rooms at a set price. This approach has helped to establish the brand as a trusted name in the lodging industry. Travelers also rely on the Motel 6 card system, which uses existing data-sets and partners to recommend attractions, events, and experiences in each location.

Known for its great value

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