Indigo flight is one of the best airlines in India that offers low fares and punctuality across its network. It also ensures that passengers have a hassle-free experience.

Its fleet size is pretty wide and enables it to reach all the desired destinations ideally. In addition to that, it also has a wide range of products and services to ensure your flight journey is smooth.

Affordable Flight Tickets

Indigo is one of the most affordable airlines, offering cheap flight tickets for domestic and international travel. It also offers a range of services and amenities that make the journey more comfortable.

Its low fares are a boon for budget travelers and students. However, it is important to know how to book the best price for your trip.

You should set up price alerts for your preferred destination and dates. This way, you will receive emails or push notifications whenever prices go down or up.

Widest Fleet Size

Low-cost airline Indigo is the undisputed leader in the Indian aviation market. It has a huge fleet of 300 aircraft and serves 76 domestic destinations.

The company has also carved out a name for itself in international markets. It is a good example of how the right combination of technology, strategy and people can lead to success in any industry.

Its impressive 300 aircraft equates to about a third of the total number of scheduled flights operated by India’s eight national carriers. They have added 145 aircraft to their tally since the start of the current fiscal year.

Perfect Seat Selection & Reservation

Indigo flight is one of the most affordable airlines that offers the perfect seat selection and reservation services. It provides the passengers with the option to choose from window seat, aisle seats and even the seat with extra legroom.

Unlike other airlines, Indigo does not charge a fee for choosing your preferred seat. In addition, the airline also offers free seats to its customers who are traveling with infants and babies.

If you want to ensure a good seat, it is recommended to select a seat well in advance of your travel date. This will give you the best chance of getting a good seat and will help you avoid any hassles at check-in.

Is Indigo Airlines part of Star Alliance?

Star Alliance is an international airline alliance that consists of airlines like Air Canada, Lufthansa, United, and many others. It offers frequent flyer benefits and a network of destinations.

Star’s CEO Mark Schwab has been pushing for an Indian carrier to join the alliance but has failed so far to get it done. Instead, it is now courting Azul and IndiGo to join a new platform that would fall short of full membership but provide a model for LCCs to work with members improving coverage in key markets.

The alliance is also looking at following SkyTeam’s example and offering a partnership platform for low-cost and hybrid carriers. WestJet is a potential candidate to join this programme because it has already hybridised and started codesharing or interlining with foreign carriers, recognising the opportunities to improve yields.

What kind of planes does Indigo Airlines use?

Indigo flights operates a fleet of Airbus A320 CEO & NEO, A321 NEO and ATR 72-600 aircraft. The seating capacity on the A320 CEO fleet is 180, A-320 NEO fleet is 180 /186 and A321 NEO fleet is 222 /232.

A flight in Indigo Airlines has a generous check-in baggage allowance, 15 kg for domestic flights and 20-30 kg for international flights. Passengers with additional baggage can pre-book Indigo’s add-on excess baggage service for a hassle-free journey.

In the last decade and a half, IndiGo has pursued a fleet strategy that revolves around Airbus jets. As a result, it is now the largest operator of Airbus planes in India.

What is the rank of Indigo Airlines?

Among the myriad airlines in India, Indigo flight is one of the most popular and largest airline by passenger count. It is known for its low cost & no-frills approach to domestic flying.

Despite its low profile, the airline has clocked an impressive on-time performance (OTP) in recent times. In fact, it ranked as the fourth most punctual airline globally in 2018.

It also offers some of the cheapest flights in the country — averaging less than $25.5 for a round-trip ticket. Considering that, it’s no wonder that passengers prefer the company over its competitors. The best part is, the price doesn’t come with any strings attached!