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In a move to give members more flexibility, IHG has added the option to redeem points for gift cards. However, this redemption option rarely offers the same value as redeeming IHG One Rewards points for a free night.

IHG Elite status enables members to enjoy exclusive benefits that enhance their hotel stay experience. To reach and maintain elite status, members must satisfy their status level’s qualifying requirements each year.

Milestone Rewards

Milestone Rewards is a new feature that IHG One Rewards is offering this year, where members will receive additional perks for certain thresholds in elite status. Perks include club lounge access, confirmed suite upgrades and food & beverage credits. The perks can be chosen at each milestone, and are valid for the rest of the year. This is in addition to what you already earn with your elite status.

Employees value being rewarded for their accomplishments, especially when those achievements are visible to everyone in the organization. It can help to boost morale and increase team loyalty.

A product waitlist milestone giveaway is a great way to grow your email and social audiences while giving away exclusive discounts or early access. KickoffLabs clients like S’Wheat and Glowforge have used this type of campaign to increase engagement and generate leads for their upcoming products.

Family Pooling

Virgin Australia’s Family Pooling allows two adults and up to four children to combine their points and Status Credits into one beneficiary account. This allows the beneficiary to earn elite status (Silver, Gold or Platinum) much faster.

Unlike manual transfers, family pools automatically move points and Status Credits across as soon as they’re earned. This can be handy if your family is travelling together regularly and you’re looking to make progress towards an award quickly.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you consider setting up a Family Pool. First, the members must live at the same address. Also, once a member is removed from the pool they can’t re-join for six months. This may not be an issue for many families but it’s worth knowing before you get started. Air France-KLM Flying Blue and British Airways Executive Club offer similar options, with Household Accounts that allow up to five family members to transfer Avios freely.

Shopping Mall

A shopping mall is a large area where different stores offer products and services like clothing, restaurants, forex services, grocery shops etc. It also houses a number of other entertainment and leisure activities. These are mostly found in urban areas and can attract a huge number of customers from the local community.

Malls can use loyalty programs to reward shoppers and encourage them to explore their entire offering. For example, they can come up with a contest where shoppers that purchase from the mall’s retailers will be able to earn entries into a draw to win exciting prizes. This will motivate the audience to visit all the participating retail outlets in order to increase their chances of winning.

Loyalty solutions for malls also provide relevant customer data to help them better understand their audience’s preferences and detect under-performing retailers. This helps them create more effective marketing campaigns for their target audience and increase brand engagement.