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IHG has a massive global footprint and offers a variety of different types of hotels. That makes it easy to find an IHG property for any travel needs and points budget.

However, IHG’s dynamic pricing means hotel award night prices can change frequently, so it’s important to keep an eye on them and lock in a good price before you redeem your points.

Points & Cash

Points & Cash is a neat way to combine your IHG One Rewards points with cash. It works like this: you book a room using your points and pay the cash portion of the bill when you check out.

The best part is that IHG does a surprisingly good job of tracking this type of booking. They even offer a feature on their website that will show you which rooms have availability that is available with cash or points, allowing you to book with ease and confidence.

It’s no secret that IHG has a lot of properties worldwide, so there are bound to be plenty of opportunities for you to book your next trip with a combination of points and cash. However, not all of these rewards are created equal and finding the best deal is often a matter of comparing the properties and dates in question to your own travel priorities. It’s also a great idea to read up on the properties that interest you so you can make an informed decision.

Best Rate Guarantee

A Best Rate Guarantee is a feature offered by most hotel chains in an effort to encourage travelers to book directly with them. They guarantee that if you find a lower room rate elsewhere they’ll match it and sometimes offer additional discounts or bonus points as compensation.

Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt are among the most generous with their BRG policies. They all match the lower competitor’s rate and, in some cases, offer a further 20-25% discount on the matched rate.

But not all BRGs are created equal. Some require a strict 24-hour window from the time you book your stay to submit a claim, while others have very detailed requirements.

Regardless of which chain you choose, you’ll need to understand their rules and regulations in order to submit a successful claim. This will ensure that you don’t end up with a bad deal or missing out on a lucrative rewards package.

Milestone Rewards

The IHG Milestone Rewards program is designed to reward members for the amount of elite nights they earn. It also offers other benefits, such as 2pm late check-out at all hotels.

While Milestone Rewards aren’t as lucrative as other hotel loyalty programs, they are worth considering if you frequently travel and want to boost your elite status. In addition, they can be combined with other IHG credit cards to build up your account balance and earn even more rewards.

To qualify for a Milestone Reward, you’ll need to reach 20 nights in a calendar year and 10 nights in each subsequent year. Then, you can select one of three options: bonus points, food and beverage awards or suite upgrades.

Each reward option is valid for one year from the time you select it. However, IHG recently announced that it will extend the timeline for food and beverage rewards to two years from their original selection date.

Family Pooling

Family Pooling is a great way to share your points and status credits with loved ones. It’s a good way to fast-track your status, but it should be used wisely.

If you have a partner, kids or parents who can earn Velocity Points for their travels and you want to share those points, consider family pooling. It’s free and easy to use and can help you earn status fast-tracks for everyone in your family!

Velocity’s Family Pooling feature is a huge win for the program. It allows you to send points and Status Credits earned from other members of your family to the beneficiary – who must be an eligible Velocity member – who can then redeem those miles for a flight.