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If you’re looking to find a hotel for your next trip, Google Hotels is a great place to start. The site allows you to compare prices and book directly with the hotel’s website.

The site also integrates with Google Maps so that you can see which hotels are nearby or within a certain distance of your destination. This is particularly helpful if you’re planning to visit a specific location for an event or to explore an area.


Google has a variety of features that can help travellers save money on hotels, including price tracking and price alerts. But until there’s a site that consistently offers the lowest prices, travellers must compare rates from different hotel sites.

Google also offers hotel discounts to its One members that can be worth hundreds of dollars off a stay. These deals are only available to those who search for hotels through Google on their mobile devices and are not available through any other booking sites or online travel agencies.

These hotel deals can be very helpful to budget-conscious travellers who are looking for a cheap place to stay. However, they require that you sign up for the service and be a member of Google One before you can access the deals.

Hotel prices are ranked by a number of factors, including price, quality signals that Google chooses about the accuracy of the pricing from a brand, and data about users’ past engagement with a brand. This means that it’s important to ensure that your hotel’s rates are accurate and up-to-date.


Google hotel ratings are a great way to get an idea of what to expect at your hotel. They include star ratings, amenities, and overall guest experience.

As a result, hotels with good Google reviews can rank well on search engines and attract more guests than those with poor reviews. Moreover, a high volume of reviews can also help your hotel boost its online visibility and increase its bottom line.

Travelers are increasingly relying on reviews to make decisions about where they want to stay, and they’re looking for social proof to ease their hesitations and doubts. This is where a well-managed hotel review strategy comes in handy.

In France, for example, the national competition and consumer watchdog DGCCRF has slapped Google with a EUR1.1 million fine for misleading star ratings applied to hotels displayed on its search engine and on Google Maps. In addition, the tech giant has agreed to stop using its own algorithmic rating system and display official Atout France ratings for hotels.

Interactive map

The interactive map provides a wealth of features for users to explore. From interactive text hovers to pins and pop-up boxes, data can be consolidated to create a story that helps the user understand more granular information.

Accessibility has become a major concern in recent years, and a well-designed interactive map can help marketers make the case to audiences that need it most. This allows for communication that can help to build brand loyalty, generate revenue and increase awareness of your business’s accessibility services.

Maps can also be designed to engage with readers through live social media feeds, virtual scavenger hunts and creative uses of hashtags on the map itself. These can all be incorporated into larger marketing campaigns for a more comprehensive integration.


Google recently rolled out a new filtering carousel to make it easier for users to search for hotels. Using these filters travelers can narrow their options by guest favorites, budget choices, luxury stays and more.

The redesigned hotel section is also more interactive, with a map that allows users to find hotels with the amenities they want. It also includes the ability to find eco-certified hotels and family or pet-friendly accommodations.

This is a good update for hotels, as it gives them more ways to reach customers and get free bookings through Google Business Profile. They can also share news and updates with their clients, provide details of special offers or events and even add photos or videos to their posts.

In addition to this new feature, Google has also incorporated more features for its hotel search and flight sections, including the ability to book trains. These are all great new features that will allow travelers to find more sustainable options and increase their conversion rates.