Houston is a world-class city that has become a hotspot for visitors and transplants alike. It’s known for its booming business, incredible pro sports teams and award-winning cuisine.

The city is also known for its multicultural identity. With over 90 languages spoken in different parts of the city, there is no shortage of cultures and traditions here to explore.

The Theater District

Located in the heart of downtown, Houston’s Theater District is home to nine world-renowned performing arts organizations that put on shows that rival those found anywhere else in the country. Combined with a wealth of restaurants within walking distance of these venues, it is no wonder that the Theater District is an incredible place to spend a night out on the town.

With nearly 13,000 seats, the 17-block District is one of the United States’ largest concentrations of theater seats. It is also one of only five cities with permanent professional resident companies in all of the major performing arts disciplines.

The Museum District

Houston’s Museum District is a vibrant cultural center. Home to a number of world-class museums, art galleries, and cultural institutions, it attracts more than four million visitors every year.

A walkable neighborhood with a lively mix of new construction properties including single-family homes, townhomes, and European-inspired condo buildings, this district is a great place to live and visit. It’s also close to Rice University, Hermann Park Golf Course, Miller Outdoor Theatre, and MetroRail access to Downtown Houston.

The 445-acre Hermann Park in the middle of the Museum District is a popular spot for joggers, dog walkers, bikers, and families looking for some green space. It’s also home to numerous museums and a world-renowned zoo. Hermann Park is a must-see on your next trip to Houston.

The Energy Corridor

The Energy Corridor is a major Houston area office district with the headquarters and regional offices of prominent international energy companies. It is also home to many other significant organizations.

The region’s history dates back to the 1970s when energy industry corporations moved to the area to find workspace near suburban campuses and housing developments. In 2001, the Texas State Legislature created the Energy Corridor Management District, a special government entity empowered to levy commercial taxes within its boundaries for public safety, district branding and building investments.

In recent years, the district has invested heavily in transportation infrastructure and urban planning. A long-range master plan was developed by Sasaki Associates and a team of consultant partners, aiming to accelerate the transformation of the Energy Corridor into a vibrant, multidimensional, world-class place to work, live, and invest.

The Heights

The Heights is a neighborhood four miles north of downtown Houston. It was the city’s earliest planned suburb and its first incorporated community. It was founded in 1891 by the Omaha and South Texas Land Company, led by Daniel Denton Cooley.

This historic district was developed to contrast the crowded downtown area and for residents to live in a close-knit community. It was annexed to the City of Houston in 1918.

The Heights is an eclectic place to explore with its many unique clothing boutiques, coffee shops, specialty stores, and breweries. It also hosts idiosyncratic bars and eateries. The chill vibe is a welcome escape from Houston’s frantic energy.


Downtown Houston is a dynamic, diverse and growing mixed-use urban center with a variety of unique sectors including green spaces, a vibrant food scene, and an active arts and music culture. It is also home to an extensive network of historic and contemporary infrastructure, convenient transit options, convention and sports venues, and a thriving residential community.

The Theater District hosts dramatic performances, diverse musical concerts and Broadway spectaculars. It is one of the largest in the country with nine professional performing arts organizations located in prominent venues such as Alley Theatre, Hobby Center for the Performing Arts and Jones Hall.

In addition to the Theater District, Downtown is also anchored by two major professional sports venues: Minute Maid Park and Toyota Center. The district is also home to several museums.