hilton confirmation search

Hilton has launched a new feature that allows guests to search for and book adjoining rooms at any Hilton hotel worldwide. It’s a game changer for travelers who typically travel in groups and it will help make hotel stays more convenient.

Previously, guests would request connecting rooms and then have to call hotels multiple times before they got what they wanted. Now, you can search for connecting rooms right from the Hilton website and mobile app.


Hilton is one of the world’s leading hotel chains with over a century of service. Its hotels range from budget-friendly to ultra-luxury, with a focus on small touches and quality service.

Check-in at a Hilton hotel is a simple process that involves presenting a picture ID and credit card to the hotel staff. You should also be prepared to answer any questions the hotel staff may ask.

Early check-in is a great way to get a room sooner and avoid long lines at the front desk. However, it’s important to note that it can be difficult for many hotels to accommodate early check-in requests.

If you’re an HHonors member, you can download the Hilton app and complete digital check-in as soon as 6:00am on the day prior to arrival. This will allow you to browse a digital floor plan and choose your desired room. Alternatively, you can use the app to request a complimentary upgrade if there’s space available.


Hilton confirmation search is a convenient way for guests to check in and out of a hotel, as well as make changes to their reservation. There are several ways to use this feature, including by phone and a mobile app.

The company also recently announced plans to equip all rooms worldwide with digital keys that allow guests to unlock their doors with their smartphones. This new technology is currently in the testing phase, but it’s expected to roll out by the end of 2014.

Guests will also be able to check-in and choose their room from digital floor plans using the Apple and Android HHonors apps. This functionality will be available across all Hilton brand properties in the U.S.

Hilton HHonors members will be able to print an eCheck-in receipt within two minutes of arriving at the property. This streamlined process will also allow them to pre-select their rooms and select features that best meet their needs.

Room selection

Students must form a roommate group in the housing portal and sign a Housing License before they can select a room. This must be done in advance of room selection so that students can plan for the possibility that a room they want may not be available.

After a group is formed, the group leader will receive timeslots in their housing portal. The group leader will select a room and then assign each member of the group to a bed or room in that unit.

If a student does not have access to the portal, they can designate a Proxy to log in and select a room for them. The proxy will need to know the login information for the person they are selecting a room for and must be aware of the room type they want.

If a group is not selected or if all members do not sign the Housing License, the group will be placed on the Wait List and cannot secure housing.

Cancellation policy

As with any hotel booking, you’ll want to check the cancellation policy before you book. It can vary based on the type of room rate you have booked, as well as your location.

However, in most instances you should be able to cancel your Hilton reservation 48 to 72 hours before the date of your stay. It’s important to note that some properties may require you to cancel even further out than that, so it’s worth checking the specifics.

In general, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Hotels hate losing money on rooms that don’t get booked, and they often have tighter cancellation policies for holidays or peak convention times, so be sure to check the specifics of your booking before you make it.

If you have a reservation that you need to cancel, you can do so from the Hilton Honors website or app under the ‘Stays’ tab. Once you click ‘Cancel Reservation’, a cancellation confirmation page will appear to show you the details of your cancellation.