Google Flights recently rolled out a new feature that will help you figure out whether a flight is a good deal or not. The feature shows prices over a two-month window and highlights cheap fares in green.

This is especially helpful for travelers who are not ready to book a ticket yet. It also allows you to track price changes over time.

It’s easy to use

Google Flights is a convenient way to track airline prices for a dream destination or an upcoming trip. The website’s features include a search bar, a price graph, and the ability to compare fares across multiple airlines. It also shows you how prices change over time, and can provide an email alert when they rise or drop.

The site’s interface is user-friendly, and the search options are easy to understand. The origin and destination fields can be filled in with a city, airport, or geographic area, and the booking type can be set to round-trip or one-way. Google will then search for available flights based on your preferences.

The search results display the best flights, taking into account price, convenience, and travel dates. The results also list important information, such as legroom and whether the flight will have in-seat charging and entertainment options. You can click on a specific flight to see more details and purchase the ticket online.

It’s free

Google Flights is a free tool that shows you flight prices. You can also track prices by setting airfare alerts on a specific route and receive weekly email notifications. To do this, click the “Track prices” button at the bottom of the results page (you’ll need to be signed in to your Google account).

The best part is that it’s completely free! However, it does not show you every price for every flight, as some airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) don’t publish their pricing on Google. It also doesn’t find many mistake fares, which often only show up on smaller OTA sites.

One of the most useful features on Google Flights is its Explore option. You can search by continent, region or country to see where the cheapest flights are. It’s a great way to get inspired for your next vacation! If you’re extra flexible, this feature can be lifesaving.

It’s convenient

Google Flights is a great option for people looking for convenient, flexible airfare options. Its advanced filters let you search for flights from multiple airports, including nearby ones. It also lets you choose a maximum number of stops on the way, and it shows prices over time so that you can find the best deals. It even allows you to compare fares from different airlines.

It also explains fare types so that you can understand what each one includes. For example, if a flight only offers economy class tickets and does not include a carry-on, you’ll see that information clearly on the results page.

One of the most appealing things about Google Flights is that it doesn’t charge to book through it. Instead, it scans most credible OTAs and gives you the best prices. Moreover, it will notify you if the price changes on the day you want to travel. In addition, it will offer you an e-credit to cover any difference in the price.

It’s fast

Google Flights is one of the most powerful tools for finding a great deal on flights. Its search engine is lightning fast, and it offers months of price data so you can find the best time to fly. It also includes several money-saving tools, such as a price graph and the option to view only low-cost flights. You can use these tools to save a lot of money, especially if you are flexible with your dates.

Another useful feature is the ability to filter flights based on their carbon emissions, which helps you avoid flights with high levels of pollution. Google Flights even lets you know if the airline charges for a carry-on bag, so you can avoid expensive baggage fees.

You can also set up price tracking and receive email alerts if the prices go down. However, it is important to remember that Google Flights is a search engine and does not offer booking services like an online travel agency.