Google Flights is a great way to find cheap flights. It offers a variety of search options, including flexible date guidelines and the ability to search by airline or departure time.

You can also save your searches to look at later. You can set fare alerts to make sure you never miss a good deal.

Search by destination

If you’re looking for a specific destination, you can search by that country or region using Google Flights. You can use this option to quickly find cheap flights to a wide range of destinations around the world.

Another handy feature of Google Flights is the map view, which displays all available flights from a given city or airport. This is particularly helpful for travelers who don’t know where they want to go or have a specific time frame in mind.

You can also set up flight price alerts on Google Flights so that you’ll receive an email whenever the cost of a particular flight drops below a certain threshold. However, you should note that this feature only works for a specific search; it won’t be able to track prices for general date or region searches.

You can also save your search results and come back to them later. This is especially helpful if you’re not ready to book a trip yet but are still looking for the best deals.

Search by date

Google Flights has a variety of money-saving features that make it easier to find a cheap flight. These include the ability to save searches for future reference and share them with friends.

If you have flexible dates, try searching for flights within a two-month window to see if you can get a cheaper fare. This is especially useful for one-way flights.

Another great way to compare prices is to use the Date Grid and Price Graph options. These show all available prices for a given date range in grid form, and can help you book cheaper travel dates.

Lastly, it’s easy to set up an alert that will send you an email when a price change occurs for the specific search you’re looking at. But be sure to set a threshold and manage your alerts on your Google account so you don’t get too many emails.

Another great feature is the Matrix, which was developed by MIT computer scientists to find the lowest prices among all airlines. The tool shows you how much each flight costs compared to the average, which can help you identify when it’s normal or high or when a cheaper alternative is available.

Search by time

Google Flights offers one of the most robust tools to find amazingly cheap fares. Not only does it track the pricing of thousands of flights, but it also lets you set price alerts to automatically email you when prices go up or down on the dates you’re looking for.

It’s a great tool for finding cheap flights to anywhere in the world. All you need is a departure city and a few dates to start searching.

You can search for up to seven destinations and departures at once, which makes it a powerful tool when you’re traveling internationally. And, unlike other flight search engines, it can also include airports nearby, which is especially helpful if you’re headed to a city like London or New York that has multiple international airports.

Another fantastic feature of Google Flights is that it displays the pricing of flights from several different airlines at once, so you can see which ones are offering the best deals. It will even show you if shifting your travel dates by a day or two can help you save money.

Search by airport

Google Flights is a great tool for finding the best flights, regardless of your destination. It allows you to search anywhere by airport, as well as by region or continent.

It’s also a great way to find the cheapest times to fly. It shows you the cheapest dates in green, and you can line up different outbound and inbound options to see which is a better fit for your itinerary.

You can use filters to set up your travel preferences, like the number of layovers you’re willing to tolerate or whether you want to avoid certain airlines or airline alliances.

You can also elect to have Google Flights track your searches and alert you by email if prices change significantly, so you don’t miss an opportunity for a cheaper ticket. If you’re concerned about sustainability, Google Flights can tell you the approximate carbon emissions of your flight based on the route and aircraft type.