el al

Israel’s national airline EL AL is renowned for its efficiency, productivity and punctuality. A leading global carrier and one of the three most profitable airlines in the world, it embodies Israel’s values of innovation, care and hospitality.

Passengers are treated with warmth and a sense of familiarity, with professional staff and the best Israeli pilots. Inflight services and indulgences pamper passengers with exciting Kosher culinary delights from Indian tandoori to Japanese teriyaki, and a myriad of audio and video entertainment programs.


The flag carrier of Israel, el al offers flights to nearly 50 destinations across Asia, Europe and North America. The airline has been in operation since 1948 and flies out of Ben Gurion Airport, the country’s main airport.

El Al is a world-class airline with one of the highest security standards in the industry. They have a strong history of assisting with humanitarian efforts, including Operation Solomon, which rescued 15,000 Ethiopian Jewish refugees in 1991.

During this time, El Al was the only airline to continue to fly passengers to and from Israel even as other foreign airlines shut down their operations. They also quickly airlifted vital supplies and medicines from Paris to Israel.

Despite these amazing achievements, El Al has faced many challenges and has experienced financial difficulties. These include the coronavirus pandemic in 2015 and 2020.


El Al offers a variety of different seats to choose from for its flights. Some are standard while others are more comfortable and offer extra legroom.

The airline uses a variety of aircraft in its fleet including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Dreamliner is a state-of-the-art plane that has been designed to reduce fuel costs and improve efficiency.

In business class, the El Al 787 Dreamliner has 20 pods that convert into lie-flat beds with direct aisle access. It also has 35 premium economy recliners.

Each is 19 inches wide and features a seven-inch-long recline. The seat also has a footrest and a bi-fold tray table with universal power outlets and USB-A charging ports.

In coach, the seats vary from 31 to 34 inches in pitch. They offer a four-way adjustable headrest, footrest and back support as well as a personal reading light, work table and individual telephone.


El Al serves kosher food on its flights to destinations throughout the world. The airline controls its operations out of a hub in Tel Aviv and operates to more than 30 countries across the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Passengers traveling in economy, premium and business class can enjoy complimentary meals on board. These menus are overseen by chef Segev Moshe.

Travelers can choose from a variety of options, including grilled artichoke with chimichurri and Romanian-style zucchini. Other dishes include three-hour asado and tilapia fish with bulgar in red wine sauce.

Glatt kosher meals are served by Hamasbia Caterers, which is certified by the Bedatz Eida Hachareidis. All meals are double-wrapped and sealed. Moreover, rolls that are served along with the meal are mezonos and fulfill bread-like criteria.


El Al, the Israeli national airline, offers a variety of lounges for its passengers. Some of them are exclusive to business class passengers and elite members of its Matmid frequent flyer program while others are open to all travelers.

The Dan Lounge at Ben Gurion Airport is the main lounge for el al’s premium passengers and Priority Pass card holders. The lounge is a long, narrow space split into several sections, with seating along the windows and dining table seating near the buffet.

While the lounge was crowded and overpriced, it did offer a decent selection of light snacks and beverages. They had Fanta, Coke Zero, Coca-Cola, orange juice, lemon juice, still water and Perrier sparkling water.

Another option for El Al passengers is the King David lounge, which is located on the left side of the D concourse just before gate D1. This lounge is accessible to ELAL business class and premium customers as well as first and business class passengers and elite members of the airline’s Matmid frequent flyer program.