cruise ship

Cruise ships are large passenger vessels that take travelers on round-trip voyages. They often visit multiple ports of call and also offer onboard amenities such as restaurants, spas and shows.

Some ships are designed for luxury travel while others are more family-friendly and provide a fun atmosphere. The main difference between these types of ships is the type of food and amenities they provide.


Mainstream cruise lines offer a wide range of activities and amenities that are perfect for families and singles alike. From Disney character meet and greets to special afternoon tea to princess and pirate makeovers, there is something for everyone.

Entertainment is an important part of a cruise vacation, and many mainstream ships have shows that are more sophisticated than they once were. From music walks to dueling piano players, these ships are taking their entertainment seriously.

In addition, many mainstream cruise lines offer fitness classes on their ships. Some even have on-board jogging tracks and shuffleboard. Moreover, they have outdoor activities such as ice skating and fencing.


Luxury cruise lines — like Princess, Celebrity, Holland America or Oceania — tend to cater to sophisticated travelers. They have larger ships, higher-end amenities and sometimes longer itineraries.

On these ships, you will find a wide range of activities and amenities that are often unavailable on mass-market cruise lines. You’ll find a gym, golf courses and other sports facilities, spas, casinos and more.

You’ll also be able to take part in tournaments, bingo and other fun events where you compete against others on your ship. These are a great way to meet new people and get to know your fellow guests.

While some of these premium cruise lines charge a small fee for certain onboard activities, it’s typically built into your fare. The fees include a number of things such as computer classes, aerobics classes and wine tastings.


Luxury cruises are an excellent choice for travelers who want to experience exotic destinations in style. They have refined onboard atmospheres, spacious accommodations and the highest level of personal service.

The most luxurious ships offer all-suite accommodation with private balconies, marble bathrooms and large living areas. Many suites also feature upgraded mattresses, robes, and complimentary mini-bars.

Besides these features, some luxury lines are known for their 24-hour butler service and fine dining options that rival those found on dry land. They also have intuitive crew members who greet guests by name and mix your favorite drink without asking.

The most luxurious ships cater to a cosmopolitan market of passengers who want to see exotic destinations in style, with upscale gourmet and Michelin-star cuisine. These travelers value immersive small-group courses and camaraderie over action-packed entertainment.


Discover a world of secluded beaches, crystal-clear lagoons and age-old Polynesian traditions on an all-inclusive luxury cruise to the South Pacific. Spend your days relaxing on a beach, swimming with stingrays, snorkeling in coral reefs, kayaking in crystal-clear lagoons and exploring historic and cultural sites.

On select voyages aboard the 332-guest m/s Paul Gauguin, guests can immerse themselves in the culture of the region with a team of naturalists and lecturers. A beloved troupe of Gauguines, Tahitian entertainers, also adds the personal touch to a cruise that celebrates the spirit and culture of French Polynesia.

The 4-mastered Wind Spirit sails year-round to one legendary Tahitian island after another, with opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities, including dinner and fire dancers under the stars on private motu dining and sailing off of the ship’s water sports platform. For the younger crowd, the Wind Spirit offers more choices of unique itineraries and a more relaxed sailing-style experience.