cheapest days to fly

Whether you’re looking for cheap airfare for domestic travel or international trips, it’s important to know which days of the week are cheapest to fly.

Generally, flights are cheaper on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday because they’re the slowest days of the week for travelers. This trend isn’t set in stone, but it’s a good place to start your search.

In the U.S.

If you’re looking for a cheap flight to the United States, there are plenty of opportunities to save money. However, it’s worth remembering that flight prices vary and can change based on demand. Airlines might offer sales or increase the number of seats on a route, so it’s important to find out when to book your flights in order to get the best deal.

While there is no exact science, data from Google Flights and Hopper have shown that the cheapest days to fly are generally Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday – with discounts of up to 20% possible on domestic travel within the U.S. If you can avoid flying Thursdays, Fridays or Sundays, this could save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip. But be sure to take into account your destination’s traffic patterns, as some places may be busier or more expensive during certain times of the week.

In the U.K.

When it comes to booking cheap flights, timing is everything. It’s best to book early and monitor fares for several weeks until you find an offer that meets your travel budget. This is especially important if you are traveling during a busy travel season or if you’re looking for the cheapest fare to your destination.

According to Skyscanner, for the last five years, Friday has been the cheapest day to fly from the U.K. That is because many people head out for vacation or business trips on Thursday or Friday and return home on Sundays — so airlines want to sell as many tickets as possible on these off-peak days, which can lead to lower prices. However, if you’re not comfortable traveling on a Friday, or need to travel in a pinch, Monday and Tuesday are also popular times to buy flights because they’re the least-crowded days of the week.

In Europe

Europe is one of the world’s top travel destinations. With a wide range of incredible cities and countries, there’s something for everyone.

It can be hard to plan a trip to Europe on a budget, but there are certain times of year and days of the week when flying is more affordable. These tips can help you save hundreds on your next European getaway!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly to most European destinations. These are also the quietest days, so they’re a great option if you want to avoid the crowds.

In contrast, Fridays and weekends are typically pricier. This is due to the high demand from business travelers who return home on Friday evening and head out on Sunday evenings.

In Asia

If you’re planning a trip to Asia, it’s important to know the cheapest days to fly. These are the times when airlines release their cheapest tickets, and they’re typically the best time to book your flights.

The cheapest days to fly domestically are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This means that you can save 15-20% on your flight by departing or arriving on one of these days.

In Asia, this can be a big deal because it will save you hundreds of dollars! However, it’s important to remember that these are averages and there will be exceptions.

When booking a flight, you’ll also want to consider the time of year. June to July is the most touristy season in Asia, so flights may be a bit more expensive than other months of the year.

You can also save money on your travel by combining airfare savings with hotel savings. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do. When you’re searching for flights, add nearby airports to your search so that you can compare prices across a range of airports near your departure and destination points.